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Eduard Gamonal egamonal a softcatala.cat
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You finally did! Good to see you here pascal ;)

Anna i papapep, fa temps que ho heu anat fent i el resultat és genial.  us
veieu capaços d'adquirir el compromís de mantenir la web al dia? Us cal
ajuda o seríeu suficients?

En cap cas us deixariem sols. Es tracta de tenir algú que es cuidi de la
web i que faci notar els problemes per poder-hi respondre a temps entre
On Nov 13, 2015 7:06 AM, "Pascal Chevrel" <pchevrel a mozilla.com> wrote:

> Le 10/11/2015 09:44, Eduard Gamonal a écrit :
> > Bon dia,
> > Una recomanació del flod per mantenir-nos al dia
> >
> Bon dia :)
> If you don't mind, I'll write to the list in English (or French or
> Castillan if you prefer, just tell me), I haven't practiced Catalan in
> years and can't write it anymore, but I can still read it so don't feel
> obliged to reply to me in English.
> Yes, flod is right, the home page should always be fully translated.
> This is where people discover about us and most people never got beyond
> that page.
> The pages we ask to translate on mozilla.org range from 10 to 50
> depending on the scope of your locale (number of users, range of
> products localized, projects localized, size of the team...). That's not
> a lot of content but that represents probably like 90% of the traffic on
> the site, that means that if visitors see these pages in their langauge,
> they genuinely think the whole site is actually done.
> The home page is also our main marketing tool, we don't own search
> engines, video downloading services, social networks or adversitising
> networks. We don't have the resources for advertising IRL, like TV
> commercials or billboards. Occassionnally we will do one such
> advertising and that will burn a lot of our resources.
> Mozilla.org home page is our main promotion tool for people that don't
> yet use Firefox. And Firefox in-product pages is our main promotion tool
> for people that already use our software.
> I can't emphasize enough how much it is important that these tools that
> do receive massive amounts of visitors need to he a focus for
> localiation teams :)
> Our resources, both staff and volunteers, are scarse. It might seem big
> if we compare it to other small open source projects, but we are not
> competing with them, we are competing frontally and brutally with the
> biggest IT companies in the world (Google, Apple, Microsoft, Adobe,
> Facebook…). They have deep pockets, we don't, we need to pick our
> battles and energy where it has most impact.
> Of course, volunteers are always free to choose whatever project they
> want to focus on at Mozilla, even if it is considered as very marginal
> (Seamonkey for example), that's also why we tend to also talk about core
> volunteers that do share our goals and desire for impact and that agree
> to put a special focus on shipping and promoting to the masses
> (essentially Firefox and mozilla.org). In short, libre software
> hacktivists that are also hightly pragmatist.
> It took us (mainly flod and myself) considerable effort to make l10n a
> first-class citizen in www.mozilla.org ober the years, it would be very
> sad to have to get back to the old days when we had to scale back to a
> handful of locales only instead of the 80+ we have now just because we
> can't sustain a community around it.
> Cheers
> Pascal
> PS: and yes, I did subscribe formally to the list this time ;)
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