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cadenes disponibles pel MWC!

veureu que no s'estan actualitzant les mètriques del dashboard web amb les
traduccions del locamotion. Ja he preguntat a l'equip tècnic del pootle per
què. no obstant, suggereixo que seguim treballant allà per ser
col·laboratius i després les exportem si és necessari.

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Il 16/02/15 12:53, Francesco Lodolo [:flod] ha scritto:

> * Redesign of the Firefox OS consumers page https://www.mozilla.org/
> firefox/os/
I've just published the strings for this page.

Lang file: firefox/os/index-new.lang
Content: 55 strings (297 words)
Demo server: https://www-demo3.allizom.org/it/firefox/os/

Unfortunately this page has proven a lot more complex than expected and, as
you can see, it's still heavily under development.
The original plan was to display different content for different regions,
based on the version available (1.3, 1.4, 2.0). This has been moved out of
scope for the initial launch, and will be re-considered after March 1st.

We pushed to make the page properly localizable, which means that the
current initial image (with English labels) will be replace by an animation
with images+text. You will also find some strings already translated: 2 of
them are taken from the old page, app names and search placeholder are
imported directly from Gaia 2.0.

Next week we should have the strings for the new navigation menu.


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