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canvis a les cadenes del MWC + unes poques de noves
les podeuy veure aquí

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Il 20/02/15 09:19, Francesco Lodolo [:flod] ha scritto:

> Il 16/02/15 12:53, Francesco Lodolo [:flod] ha scritto:
>> * Redesign of the Firefox OS consumers page https://www.mozilla.org/
>> firefox/os/
> Hi,
> I've just published the strings for this page.
> Lang file: firefox/os/index-new.lang
> Content: 55 strings (297 words)
> Demo server: https://www-demo3.allizom.org/it/firefox/os/
> Unfortunately this page has proven a lot more complex than expected and,
> as you can see, it's still heavily under development.

We found two issues with this page:
* Missing string when you click on the image and display the animation
("Give these a try").
* One string ("Swipe between apps") was used in two different contexts,
button label and title, making it hard to localize. Since in .lang files
the English string is used as the identifier, the title is now
"Swipe between apps". As explained in the comment, you're free to
reuse the existing translation and drop the non-breaking space too.

> Next week we should have the strings for the new navigation menu.
The new navigation menu seems to be delayed (I should have more info
tomorrow about it).

I also published a few strings that will be used across the website to
promote Firefox iOS, and MWC schedule.
Unless there are other issues with the FxOS pages, these will be the only
string changes this week.

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