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Hi ha cadenes noves pel MWC i tothom va tard! Recordeu la importància de
participar i la visibilitat que tenen en aquest context
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quick update on the new content for MWC 2015.

Mobile World Congress starts in Barcelona on March 2nd, which means new
pages will be published for en-US on March 1st (late afternoon, Pacific
timezone). As explained in a previous email, we're very late in the process
and close to deadline, so localizations will be pushed out when ready and
don't need to be finished by March 1st.

There should be 3 updates:
* Content update for the Firefox OS partners page https://www.mozilla.org/
* Redesign of the Firefox OS consumers page https://www.mozilla.org/
* New global navigation (top menu) for the Firefox family pages

So far we've received strings only for the partners page, but we don't have
a demo server yet.
We should have strings for firefox/os this week (they were expected for
today, but it's also holiday in US/Canada), while the new navigation menu
is scheduled for next week (Feb 23rd).

For those of you who prefer to work on smaller content updates, I've pushed
out the new strings (39) for the Partners page.
If you prefer to work only once of multiple files, I suggest to wait a few
more days to have at least strings for both Firefox OS pages.

Again, this content update is extremely late, so simply do what you can,
don't feel compelled to complete the translation by March 1st.

We're also having some issues with updates on the demo servers, I hope to
find out more information tomorrow.

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