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El firefox hello es peça clau pel Firefox 36 (23F). Hem d'aconseguir
tenir-ho tot traduït , inclosa la part web. Es mostrarà a tots els usuaris
en la primera arrencada.
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as anticipated in a previous email we have new content available for
It will be displayed as first run/whatsnew page with the release of Firefox
36 on February 24, so about a month from now.

File: firefox/australis/fx36_tour.lang
Content: 66 strings (386 words)
Deadline: February 23
Demo server:

It's a UI Tour, so you need to set-up permissions as explained in the past.
Good news: if you tested the previous Hello tour, your Firefox is ready to
go since it's on the same demo server.

One more note: since this page shares several strings with previous tours
and Firefox Hello's landing page, we were able to import up to 26 strings
for some locales.
That explains why you'll find some strings already translated, you only
need to check if everything looks good.

Upcoming content: the only content we're aware of is a redesign of
firefox/os and firefox/partners pages for MWC (going live at the end of
The content will be available about 10 days before launch, for that reason
localization will not be considered a blocker for the launch (pages will be
published when they're ready, not necessarily together with en-US).


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