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Subject: [l10n-web] New web pages available for localization
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yesterday I pushed to SVN repositories quite an update of content. I tried
to group together several changes, so that you can work on them at the same
time and don't get distracted by multiple landings.

Please keep an eye on the webdashboard for your locale, especially to the
columns "Deadline" and "Critical".

Even better, subscribe to the RSS feed (you'll find the link at the top of
your locale's page).

*New Android landing page*
It's scheduled to go live on October 28. At the moment is enabled for all
locale that ship in the multilocale build on mozilla-aurora

Full list of locales: an, as, be, bn-IN, ca, cs, cy, da, de, es-AR, es-ES,
es-MX, et, eu, fi, ff, fr, fy-NL, ga-IE, gd, gu-IN, hi-IN, hu, hy-AM, id,
is, it, ja, kk, kn, ko, lt, lv,
ml, mr, ms, nb-NO, nl, or, pa-IN, pl, pt-BR, pt-PT, ro, ru, sk, sl, sv-SE,
ta, te, th, tr, uk, zh-CN, zh-TW.

Again, the easiest way to see if your locale is included, is to check your
webdashboard (file is firefox/android/index.lang).
If your locale is not listed, and you want to translate that page, ping me
and I'll add your locale to the list.

Details on the file: 49 strings, 448 words.

*In product tour*
We have a in-product page/tour similar to the one we did for Australis.
This targets a very specific list of 26 locales that translated strings on
Beta during the end of last cycle.

Full list of locales: ast, da, de, es-AR, es-CL, es-ES, es-MX, fi, fr,
fy-NL, he, hu, it, ja, ko, lv, nb-NO, nn-NO, pa-IN, pl, pt-BR, rm, ru, sk,
sl, zh-TW.

File is called "firefox/privacy_tour/privacy_tour.lang" and it's
fundamental to localize it, to the point that I'll reach out to individual
locale leaders next week to make sure that there's someone working on it.

Details on the file: 42 strings, 228 words.

*More updates*
We should have more content to localize at the end of October, and video
subtitles at the beginning of November. For both projects schedule will be
really tight.
I'll follow up with details as soon as I have more information.

*Need help?*
For the new mozilla.org home page we reached an awesome number of locales
on launch date (33!), you should be *extremely proud* of the work you've
At the same time we noticed that several locales missed this opportunity,
and it could be a good vehicle to involve new people in web content

If you can't keep up with the amount of requests and feel out of time and
resources, please reach out to me or Pascal: we'll try our best to help you
find new contributors and spread the message.

And, as usual, if you have any doubts, don't hesitate and reach out via
email or IRC, we're here to help.


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