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From: Francesco Lodolo [:flod] <flod a lodolo.net>
Date: Thu, Oct 2, 2014 at 9:12 PM
Subject: [l10n-web] Content updates on mozilla.org
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Hi everyone,
I'll use this email to update you on several things :-)

Over 10 locales already translated the new page (you're blazing fast!),
which is currently available at

Content has been finalized, which means that there are 3 more strings in
mozorg/contribute.lang, and a new file for the Stories section
We kept it separate so that a) we don't add too many strings to a single
file b) it can be enabled separately from the main file once it's localized.

We'll try to avoid new changes to strings as hard as possible between now
and October 14.
If you see things in English besides country names (it will be fixed), or
the "badge" date in an event, please let me know.

I've just added 25 strings to main.lang:

 * "Cookies": it will be used as a footer link
 * Months from "January" to "December" (used in the contribute/events
 * Months from "Jan" to "Dec" (will be used for date badge)

You'll find those strings already translated in your main.lang. Since these
are strings commonly used in our products, we used Transvision APIs to
extract strings from your localizations.

Please check if everything looks good, and let us know if you find anything
wrong or you thing that's just a bad idea.

Reference revision: http://viewvc.svn.mozilla.org/vc?revision=132432&view=

*We'll have a complete redesign of mozilla.org homepage going online on
October 14. Content should be around 30 strings, and in a file separate
from the current mozorg/home.lang

I hope to be able to extract strings tomorrow, so to give you one more
week-end to work on these strings. For locales not ready on deadline we'll
keep displaying the old mozilla.org homepage.

For some locales we'll have more content to localize around the end of
October/beginning of November (hopefully a bit earlier), and deadlines will
be really short.
We're aware that's painful and we're already asking a lot from localization
teams in this period, but it's also a special occasion.


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