[OpenOffice] Fwd: [l10n-dev] OpenOffice.org 3.3 - PLS approve and request language versions

Pau Iranzo paulists a gmail.com
dic gen 26 17:44:51 CET 2011


Sembla que ara arriba el període aquest d'aprovació que mai vam tindre clar...

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From: Rafaella Braconi <rafaella.braconi a oracle.com>
Date: 2011/1/26
Subject: [l10n-dev] OpenOffice.org 3.3 - PLS approve and request
language versions
To: dev <dev a l10n.openoffice.org>, dev a qa.openoffice.org

This is a call for action for all native-language teams!

Yesterday, during the OOo release meeting, the RC10 candidate has been
approved to be the OOo 3.3 final release.


This means that all native-language teams can now start approving the
language builds vs. language packs in QA track
and request their distribution over the OOo mirror network by filing an issue.

Please note that as QAtrack.services.openoffice.org seems to be down,
you can alternatively use http://qatrack.ooodev.org/

DEADLINE for QA approval and Distribution request is February 10th,
2011. If you cannot meet this deadline please let me know.


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