[OpenOffice] traducció de Sub

Maria Luna marialunacuberta a yahoo.com
dic abr 30 12:23:48 CEST 2008

  Estic traduïnt el fitxer sbasic/shared.po i em trobo amb segments del tipus:
  "<emph>Sub</emph> is the short form of <emph>subroutine</emph>, that is used to handle a certain task within a program. Subs are used to split a task into individual procedures"
  "Sub or Function not defined"
  "What is a Sub?"
  o bé
  "$[officename] Basic code is based on subroutines and functions that are specified between <emph>sub...end sub</emph> and <emph>function...end function</emph> sections. Each Sub or Function can call other Subs and Functions. If you take care to write generic code for a Sub or Function, you can probably re-use it in other programs."
  Creieu que cal traduir "sub" com a subrutina, o potser com a "sub" ja s'entén?

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