[GNOME] Traducció de noms de llengües ISO 639 per a l'inkscape

Joaquim Perez noguer a gmail.com
dic feb 4 21:11:57 CET 2009

He rebut aquest correu de la llista de l'inkscape que bàsicament demanen que
tradueixi el fitxer següent
de transpationproject.org

En sabeu res ?  No el tenim traduït ja un fitxer així per a Debian ?


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From: helix84 <helix84 a centrum.sk>
Date: 2009/1/28
Subject: [Inkscape-translator] new strings and localized language names
To: Inkscape translators <inkscape-translator a lists.sourceforge.net>

I ran update_po_files.sh in trunk to merge new translations into .po
files, so there are now new strings to translate.

Among the new strings there are now language names. I'd like to point
out existence of a project which collects translations of language
names in all languages [1]. It's a normal localization project in form
of .po files. If it already contains translations in your language,
you should probably use them for consistency (i.e. look up the
language name in the ISO 639 .po file and copy it into your inkscape
.po file).

You can also check whether your language is maintained there and if
not, also translate language names there. It will help other projects
which use localized language names. The ISO 639 template is a part of
Debian iso-codes package and you can either translate it directly on
Alioth if you have svn access or via translationproject.org, which
should be easier for translators. If you have any questions or need
any help, contact me.

[1] http://translationproject.org/domain/iso_639.html


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