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bona tarda,
això també cal tenir-ho en compte. som a la llista de locales afectades

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From: Francesco Lodolo [:flod] <flod a lodolo.net>
Date: Tue, Jul 28, 2015 at 5:02 PM
Subject: Update on Fennec high-res icons and Amazon SSL
To: Mozilla l10n Mailing List <dev-l10n a lists.mozilla.org>

A quick follow-up regarding these two productization updates.

*Fennec High-Res Icons*
I have updated locales not working directly on Mercurial – plus some
inactive or requested by localizers – with all available assets.

eBay: we don't have assets, and we likely won't have them before September.
Please ignore it until further updates.

List of locales with at least one icon smaller than 96px (ignoring eBay):
be, bn-IN, ca, cs, da, de, el, eo, es-AR, es-ES, es-MX, et, eu, fi, fy-NL,
ga-IE, hu, hy-AM, is, ja, ja-JP-mac, kn, ko, lv, mr, nb-NO, nl, nn-NO, or,
pa-IN, ru, sk, sv-SE, ta, te, uk, zh-CN, zh-TW.

Russian and Traditional Chinese already have a bug open (thanks!).
We're trying to get an icon for Mercado Libre, since it's used by several

Changes to some searchplugins are whitelisted (Amazon, Wikipedia, Yahoo),
please do not land any other updates without a bug and a review. Starting
next cycle, I'll start to update searchplugins also on locales working on
Mercurial for mozilla-aurora and l10n-central.

If you land whitelisted changes, remember to reference this bug in your
commit message, and add a link to your commit there

*Amazon SSL*
Changes landed for English in mozilla-central

This change affects both Firefox on Desktop and Android. Make sure you
update all Amazon URLs in the XML files.

Remember to reference this tracking bug in your commit message, and add a
link to your commit there

Starting from next cycle I'll start updating Pootle's locales in
mozilla-aurora. Like I did for images, I will wait one more cycle before
updating other locales.

Please ask or ping me if you have any doubts.

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