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Els que utilitzem http://transvision.mozfr.org estem contents de veure que
ara indexa també cadenes de mozilla.org :)

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Subject: [l10n-web] Transvision 3.2 released
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Transvision 3.2 is released.

tl:dr -> there is one big new feature for localizers: Transvision now
indexes all the translations done on www.mozilla.org

Here are the release notes for this version (http://transvision.mozfr.org/

End user visible changes

* www.mozilla.org support: Transvision can now extract and index projects
using the .lang format, the first repository added is www.mozilla.org and
appears as a separate channel. Source links and Bugzilla links are adjusted
to point to subversion instead of Mercurial and to file bugs in the
www.mozilla.org/L10N component instead of the Mozilla Localization one.
This makes Transvision more useful for people working on Web localization;
ex http://transvision.mozfr.org/?recherche=home&repo=mozilla_
org&sourcelocale=en-GB&locale=fr&search_type=strings (pascal).

* During extraction time, if a string in the repository was not in UTF-8
(unusual but did happen for a couple of locales), our extraction script
would stop and not generate valid xml for the TMX file and a full array of
strings for the repo. This was leading to a server error (blank page) on
some requests. This is now fixed, if a string is not extractable, the
extraction is no longer interrupted, the string is just skipped (pascal).

* Lithuanian added to Gaia-l10n (pascal).

Developer visible changes

* API documentation: Transvision classes documentation is now automatically
generated with phpDocumentor. http://transvision.mozfr.org/docs/ (pascal)
* All Unit tests now use a single bootstrap file to define constants or
initialize data needed to run the tests. (pascal)
* Updated our README file to add missing dependencies to install
Transvision locally (pascal)

Given that we now have our main site indexed by Transvision, I am cross
posting this to mozilla.dev.l10n.web and mozilla.dev.l10n


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