[Mozilla] Fwd: New strings uplifted to gaia and gaia 1.3

Toni Hermoso Pulido toniher a softcatala.cat
dic gen 15 19:29:04 CET 2014


he aprofitat per actualitzar les cadenes al Pootle.


-------- Missatge original --------


I've just pushed strings to gaia 1.3:

75 new strings, most of them flod's fault. They're adding optional
strings for setting headers, which fall back to the button titles.
copy-n-paste is gonna get you a long way here, and then you can start

I also updated gaia-central, though not to the current tip. Sadly there
are strings that don't seem to be ready at all in the way, so I filed
bug 960130 to get those into shape. Sadly, we're also missing out on
fixes to strings I exposed now this way, but this has been a choice of
pest and cholera.

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