[Mozilla] Fwd: Re: new strings on 1.3, gaia-community on master

Toni Hermoso Pulido toniher a softcatala.cat
dij feb 6 23:31:44 CET 2014


he pujat unes poques cadenes addicionals del Gaia al Pootle.


-------- Missatge original --------

On 2/6/14 2:20 PM, Axel Hecht wrote:
> Hi,
> I just pushed 10 new strings to 1.3, please get to those quickly.
> For gaia-community, I migrated that to /gaia-l10n/en-US, aka master.
> That's 150 strings compared to the previous 1.3 status.
> Master is for 1.4, and the schedule for 1.4 is going to be different
> than previous schedules.
> I'll have a few townhalls once we're actually sharing the schedule in
> public.
> I removed 1.1 and 1.2 from the dashboards, those are wrapped up.
> Axel


The settings strings are developer debug strings, for the Async Pan Zoom
Controller, APZC in short.

Feel free to leave those in English, I expect those to get removed once
APZC works flawlessly, too.

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