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En els propers dies les afegim al pootle i verifiquem que no hi hagi errors
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Hi everyone,
in a few minutes you should see a lot of new strings (about 300) appearing
for gaia-l10n on your dashboard.

Some notes to make your life easier (hopefully), especially for those
working directly on the .properties files.


The manifest has changed

description=Gaia Bluetooth

It used to be "Bluetooth Transfer"/"Gaia Bluetooth Transfer".

Several new strings in Bluetooth were copied from Settings, so you should
check the existing translation there.

There's a new folder in apps/settings (device_type). These strings used to
be in Settings and they were specific for phones: now we have a different
file for each device type (phone, tv, tablet). Unfortunately we can't do
better with the current l10n system.

As the localization comment explains, DO NOT copy the strings blindly from
one file to another, because you need to adapt the content to the type of

This is responsible for most of the strings: accessibility.properties
(about 250 strings).

If you're already localizing Firefox, you can use this file as a reference.

But please pay attention to details:
* Key names are different: if the key is "menubar" on Firefox, on Gaia it
becomes "accessibility-menubar".
* Variable format is different: if a string has a variable, the translation
available on Firefox needs to be adapted for Gaia.
* Plural forms are a lot different between the two systems.

Again, you can use a bit of copy and paste, but paying extra attention.

Please reply here or ping me on #l10n if you have any doubt.

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