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El correu de Flod aquí sota explica con provar la traducció del FHR.
Aquesta nit acabo de fer correccions a laproposta del josep i apareixerà en
pre-producció ( a allizom)
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cross-posting to dev-l10n-web since about:healthreport is a bit of a
special case, being web content used inside the product.

I've just pushed 64 new strings to fhr.lang, in a few minutes they'll
appear on your webdashboard. These strings are used in the mobile version
of about:healthreport (Firefox for Android), currently available only in
English. We tried to reuse as many of the existing strings as possible, but
that's still a bit of work.

How can you test this?

1) You can check most of the static strings here (replace the locale code)

2) In about:config, you can change the value of

Then open about:healthreport in your browser. When you're done don't forget
to restore the original value.

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