[Mozilla] Fwd: Persona: deadline for the next release is Tuesday, December 4 5:00 PM UTC

Eduard Gamonal egamonal a softcatala.cat
dim nov 27 00:36:40 CET 2012

Nova data limit. algu vol traduir el Persona al verbatim?
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From: "Matjaz Horvat"

The next Persona release (train-2012.11.23) is cut, so we'd like to kindly
ask you to finish your work by Tuesday, December 4 5:00 PM UTC. New strings
are already available in Verbatim & SVN.

But to be honest, we don't really have any new or fuzzy strings this time.
:-) Still, it's a good opportunity for locales under 100% to finish their
work and for others to test your translations.

If you're using Verbatim, please don't forget to commit your changes to VCS
under the Review tab. After that, you'll be able to test your translations
on our l10n preview environment.

Main site: https://translate.personatest.or<
Dialog: http://translate.123done.

Shall you have any questions, I'm happy to help.

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