[Mozilla] Fwd: [ANNOUNCE] Gaia localization: we're string frozen!

Toni Hermoso Pulido toniher a softcatala.cat
dis nov 24 12:15:44 CET 2012

Hola gent,

us reenvio l'anunci sobre la localització del Gaia (Firefox OS)

Ho he pujat al Pootle ja:

tenim unes 3 setmanes per tenir-ho a punt.


-------- Missatge original --------

Good news, everyone!

Gaia is now string-frozen.  The deadline for completing the
localizations is December 17th (3 weeks and a half from now).

After squashing countless bugs, reviewing patches and getting approvals
to land, I'm happy to announce that we are now officially string-frozen.

What's new?

The Bucket 2 apps are now string-frozen.  We followed the style
guidelines from here:


and fixed many typos and inconsistencies in the UI.  Most of these
changes were English-only and the identifiers didn't change.  You can
see the diffs here:


Scoobidiver has a good summary here, as well:


I finally added the possibility to localize manifest files.  In each
app's folder you will find a manifest.properties file.  The string there
are responsible for the name of apps displayed on the homescreen and in
the card view.  Here are all the manifest files:


Lastly, some bucket 1 string-freeze breaking changes were hard to avoid.
   The affected apps are: browser, camera, clock, comms/contacts,
comms/dialer, gallery, sms, video.

Here are the total stats as of today:

                 strings           words
Total:         1828              6091

If you're locale was green or almost green before this update, you'll
likely be at around 55-60% today.

You can get the strings from the en-US repo:


Follow the instructions on the wiki to get started:


When is it due and how we can test?

The deadline is December 17.

You can follow the instructions on the wiki to test your work:


Although I'm afraid that DEBUG=1 is currently broken :(

Shout-out section

Big-up to Dwayne, Eduardo, Flod, Josh, Kazé, Matej, Peter (petercpg) and
Scoobidiver for filing bugs that helped us reach this milestone!

What didn't make the freeze?

You knew this section was coming, didn't you? :)  I didn't want to stall
the localization by waiting on a few legal bugs.  Here's the list:

      Don't hardcode "Firefox" nor "Firefox OS"

      Turn "Licensing" item into "Legal Information"

      Change Settings > Help & Feedback feedback links

What's next?

Next 1 or 2 weeks:

    - localized desktop builds!
    - a few more late additions listed above
    - more locales added to the build: bn-IN gu km ne-NP si th vi

Later (next few months):

    - marketplace and payments
    - in-product pages
    - the dev hub at the marketplace
    - sumo

Full steam ahead!

Happy hacking,
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