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Si voleu traduir al SUMO podeu donar prioritat als articles sobre el
Firefox 17

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Subject: [sumo-localization] Updates on Firefox 17 articles
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There's been another change to the Facbook feature so I've updated the
article again. That *should* be the last change I'm told.

Also, I just learned that even though we won't have click to play plugins
in Firefox 17 (at least not without turning on an about:config pref) we
will go ahead and use that feature to blocklist vulnerable plugins. This
will need some documentation but I haven't worked that out yet. I'll let
you know as soon as I have.

Thanks, Michael

P.S. Who is going to MozCamp next week? Rosana, Madalina, Bram and I will
be there. Look for us!
Michael Verdi • support.mozilla.org • irc: verdi

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