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Noves cadenes pel Persona per dimarts.
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I'd like to remind you that we need Persona strings to be ready by Tuesday.

Let me stress that this release brings more changes than usually, so it's
very important we get as many locales as possible to 100%.

I promise the releases that will follow will have much smaller number of
strings to translate.


On 22. jul. 2012, at 11:14, Matjaz Horvat <matjaz.horvat a gmail.com> wrote:

> Howdy,
> Our last candidate, train-2012.07.06 was derailed and will not make it to
> The next Persona release (train-2012.07.20) is scheduled for Wednesday,
August 5, so we'd like to kindly ask you to finish your work by Tuesday,
August 4 5:00 PM UTC. New strings are already available in Verbatim & SVN.
> GOOD NEWS: For the first time, we are localizing the main site (
https://persona.org/), not just the dialog. Also, we are using %(site) and
such instead of %s as much as possible to make it more obvious what the
string replacement stands for.
> BAD NEWS: 55 new and 28 fuzzy strings.
> If you're using Verbatim, please don't forget to commit your changes to
VCS under the Review tab. After that, you'll be able to test your
translations on our l10n preview environment:
> https://l10n-preview.diresworb.org/
> Shall you have any questions, I'm happy to help.
> -Matjaž
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