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També hi ha aquesta tasca pendent si algú hi té interès.
No he comprovat que haguéssim donat d'alta la localització al català, així
que podria no aparèixer al verbatim.
Aviseu si teniu problemes!
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Hello folks,

Another great news from Affiliates team for you: we're soon going to
release Affiliates Application on Facebook, which will allow you to do
almost everything you did on affiliates.mozilla.org. Of course, you'll be
able to preserve your ranking from affiliates.mozilla.org by linking
accounts, about which I'll be blogging once we release it.

So, this new application introduced 1398 words that need attention, but as
far as I can tell, ~15% of those have been made fuzzy, so you'll only need
to review them.

As always, should you need any help or wanna ask something, ask your
question here or email me - milos a mozilla.com


Milos Dinic
Localization Liege,

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