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Eduard Gamonal xadap2004 a gmail.com
dic oct 26 14:35:51 CEST 2011

Ep nois,
Què us sembla que hem de fer? Incloem el twitter?

A favor:
- s'utilitza molt
- (?) La generalitat ha demanat la localització

En contra:
- no està (encara?) en català. Identica sí però potser no és tan popular.

Si l'incloem potser podríem demanat nosaltres mateixos a twitter que
afegeixin el català?

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From: "Asa Dotzler" <asa a mozilla.com>
Date: Oct 24, 2011 8:45 PM
Subject: Twitter search in Firefox
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As many of you have seen, Mozilla added Twitter to the list of included
search plug-ins for the en-US build.

The Firefox Product Team believes that more and more people are searching
the web not just for websites but for *people* and this Twitter search
addition is our first attempt at helping Firefox users easily find people on
the public Web.

There are many other "people" search services on the Web. In the US, we also
have LinkedIn and Facebook which both have very compelling people finding
capabilities. Unfortunately, those services require a log-in to get the full
benefits of the service and that's not something we are ready to commit to
with our included search plug-ins.

No doubt Twitter is not the right people search in many countries or
languages, so we are leaving it up to the individual localization teams to
decide if Twitter is right for your geography and language.

If Twitter is a good fit, and you would like to add it to your Firefox
locale, just add a line with 'twitter' to your list.txt. Don't add the xml.

If Twitter is the right service, but you'd like to modify the Twitter search
plug-in, you'll need a bug, with a patch, and that patch will need review
before it lands. Making minor changes to the plug-in shouldn't be a problem,
but we need to do that right.

If Twitter isn't right for your locale, and you believe there is an
alternate service that satisfies a public people search functionality,
that's OK too. Do take what ever time you need to do that evaluation and
when you're confident you've found an alternative to Twitter that makes it
easy for people to find other people on the public Web, file a bug, copy
Alex, and he will make sure that the right people are added.

If you have any questions please let me or Axel know, in this thread or in
private email if you prefer, and we'll try to answer them.

- Asa

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