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Nois,em sap greu però no me'n puc encarregar aquesta setmana. Si algú es
compromet a fer-ho faig l'opt-in.
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Subject: [l10n-web] State of Mozilla mini-site, want to opt-in for a
translation sprint?
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Hi community :)

The Mozilla Foundation is going to publish publicly its yearly activity
report this Thursday and we have created a new section on mozilla.org which
explains in details what the Mozilla project has done last year on all
fronts (products, websites, community, financials...). This is the first
time we do that and also the first time we really create localized content
for the foundation on mozilla.org (based on mozilla.com framework, itself
based on mozilla-europe.org multilingual framework, now all merged).

If you are interested in translating this new section, please opt-in for
your locale in this bug:


For localizers who are interested and decide to opt-in, myself and Milos
will put the files for your locale on your svn repository and open the
corresponding bug with instructions. Localized sites ready on Thursday would
be released at the same time as en-US. Of course, translations can be
published gradually later as well, no problem with that.

In total the translation is 1800 words spread across 5 pages, making it easy
to share the load among several people for the bigger teams (As a
comparizon, the Features page for those who translated it was 3600 words


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