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A sota una descripció de Marketplace per ajudarnos a trobarne una traduccio
si no ho considerem nom propi

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Hi Mozillians,

What constitutes an app release?

1. An apps and add-on Marketplace from which to get free/paid apps (based
on the existing AMO). 2. A set of Web RunTimes (WebRTs) to run apps. 3. An
integrated set of services (currently BrowserID, receipt verification, and
app sync; notifications soon). 4. An integrated bundle of all of the above
for certain platforms (e.g. Android).

The apps/amo/marketplace team.

1) The Marketplace (built on AMO), where

a) developers can upload HTML5 apps (a manifest url), and set a price for

In the Developer release, the existing AMO look-and-feel are preserved,
including ratings, comments, etc. In subsequent releases we will be looking
at the evolution of this look-and-feel, as well as incremental features.
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