[Mozilla] Let's include Catalan in the browser ballot firstrun pages

Toni Hermoso Pulido toniher a softcatala.org
dic mar 3 12:57:27 CET 2010

Hi Chris,

I'm aware of EU Browser Ballot. Thanks for pointing me the link. We
would try to have these pages translated/updated. I Cc our working
I link you the translated strings as well (in UTF-8).


2010/3/3 Chris Ilias <sumo a ilias.ca>:
> Hi Toniher,
> I don't know if you're aware of the EU browser ballot. I have blogged about
> the work we have done here
> <http://blog.mozilla.com/sumo/2010/03/02/help-update-articles-for-the-eu-browser-ballot/>.
> Mozilla has set up a special firstrun page for users coming from the browser
> ballot, with a link to a special Support page that we have created. We would
> love to have those pages translated for Catalan users, because we expect
> that the browser ballot will affect almost 3 million Catalan users.
> Could you please translate the strings in these two text files, and send it
> to me:
> http://ilias.ca/sumo/EUBallot-firstrun.en.txt
> http://ilias.ca/sumo/EUBallot-strings.en.txt
> We will take care of creating the start pages. Once we have those strings
> and the articles mentioned in the blog post are updated, we can then point
> Catalan users to a Catalan version of the firstrun page. Thanks.

Toni Hermoso Pulido

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