[Mozilla] Awang Noh ahmad wants to share approved contacts on Boxbe

Awang Noh ahmad invitations a boxbe.com
diu feb 28 00:57:46 CET 2010

I use Boxbe to manage my inbox.  I think Boxbe can help you, too!

Here's the link: https://www.boxbe.com/register?tc=1771933729_1931200155


Please do not reply directly to this email.  This message was sent at the 
request of nohinfotech a yahoo.com.my.  Boxbe will not use your email address for 
any other purpose.  Click the link below if you would prefer not to 
receive any further invitations from Boxbe members:  

Boxbe integrates with Yahoo!, Gmail, Google Apps, and AOL.  Get Boxbe today!

Boxbe, Inc. | 2390 Chestnut Street #201 | San Francisco, CA 94123

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