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Assumpte: [Calendar l10n] Status update for 0.8
Data: Mon, 28 Jan 2008 14:01:30 +0100
De: Simon Paquet <weblog a babylonsounds.com>
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Hi guys,

I know that the date (Feb 07) that localizers should finish their
localizations to be included in the RC1 release is still a few days
away. Nonetheless I want to give you a short update on where we are
right now.

1) The following locales have green tinderboxen on the
  MOZILLA_1_8_BRANCH and should be okay for the RC1:
  es-ES, fr, ka, lt, nb-NO, pl, pt-PT, sk

  Thanks guys!

2) The following locales have red tinderboxen on the
  MOZILLA_1_8_BRANCH but are okay on the trunk:
  cs, eu, ga-IE, ko, tr

  Guys, please commit the changes that you made on the trunk to the
  MOZILLA_1_8_BRANCH as well. Once you've done that you should be ok.

3) The following locales have either orange or red tinderboxen on the
  MOZILLA_1_8_BRANCH and still have some work to do:
  ca, da, de, es-AR, hu, it, mk, nl, pa-IN, pt-BR, ru, sl, sv-SE,
  uk and zh-CN

I would really appreciate it, if those of you that fall into category
2 or 3 could give me a short estimate, whether you expect to finish
in time or whether you need more time and will only make it for
subsequent RCs (if those are released) or the final release.

Thanks in advance

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< http://xavi.infobenissa.com >

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