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Perdó per no haver contestat abans, estava de vacances a Zàmbia :)

Avui m'hi poso, a veure si dóna temps.


2008/11/30 Gil Forcada <gforcada a gnome.org>

> Si algú es vol revisar el Brasero ....
> http://l10n.gnome.org/module/brasero/
> Falten 314 dubtoses i 26 per traduir ara mateix.
> Salut!
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> gil forcada
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> From: Philippe Rouquier <bonfire-app a wanadoo.fr>
> To: translation mailing list <gnome-i18n a gnome.org>
> Date: Sun, 30 Nov 2008 18:12:51 +0100
> Subject: Brasero string freeze
>     Hi all,
> all strings of brasero are now frozen. We don't intend to modify or add any
> new string until the release of 0.8.4 which should happen in two weeks
> (around the 15th of Dec). Given the late changes I hope that will be enough
> for you. If not, please let me know so we can arrange something.
> We also intend to branch trunk for 0.8.4 and start development on a new
> series next weekend (around the 7th of December). I'll let you know when
> it's done.
> As some of you may have noticed, many strings have changed since last
> release due to a general review of our strings. This was compulsory
> considering we proposed brasero for inclusion in GNOME and strings were one
> of the flaws people saw in brasero. I managed to cut the number of strings
> by 10% (approximately 100) in the process, removed some too technical
> strings and fixed problems of capitalizations and typos. Sorry about the
> changes.
> I also tried to add more comments to clear things up so if you feel a
> string deserves to be commented or looks strange, please let me know so I
> can add a comment or fix the string before the release. Of course, I'd let
> you know if such a change happened and I hope it won't.
> Again thanks all for your excellent work.
> Philippe
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