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Una actualització al verbatim a punt per traduir
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Assumpte: [l10n-web] Glow 2014: new string to translate (+2 to check)
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last night there was a small update for Glow (Verbatim has just been

 * The old headline with the number has been removed and replaced with
   a new static string.
 * Other two strings were added in the template: "Get involved" and
   "FAQ". They're used as links in the bottom corner, near Privacy and
   Legal. You'll find them already translated in your file (we took the
   existing localization on mozilla.org from Transvision), so you
   should just double check that they look correct.

For now strings are displayed only for en-US [1] ("FAQ" not yet), we'll
enable them for other languages as soon as we reach a good number of
complete locales.


[1] https://webwewant.allizom.org/en/
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