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En Jeff envia aquests resums al principi i al mig de cada cicle (=2 en 6
van bé per tenir una idea més general de la l10n a Mozilla

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From: Jeff Beatty <jbeatty a mozilla.com>
Date: Tue, Mar 18, 2014 at 3:05 PM
Subject: Firefox Aurora L10n Report (cycles 29 & 30)
To: dev-l10n a lists.mozilla.org

Hello localizers!

Thank you all for your great work with Firefox 28 and 29. Here's an outline
of what is currently in Aurora this cycle (30) and what we accomplished
together last cycle:

This cycle (17 March - 28 April)

Key dates include:
    - Beta sign offs must be completed before 21 April.
    - Aurora sign offs must be completed before 28 April.
    - Firefox 29 releases 29 April.

    - Approximately 94 new string changes were added to Aurora desktop, 57
for Aurora mobile.
    - 34% of the desktop strings changes are in devtools, 6% are in metro,
and about 14% are in DOM. The rest cover changes in preference UI for proxy
autologin, GetUserMedia, Accounts (formerly Sync), and
toolkit/mozapp/webapprt. (see https://wiki.mozilla.org/
Features/Release_Tracking#Likely_in_Firefox_30 ).
    - 24% of the mobile string changes are in DOM. Many of the mobile
strings include context menu, home page preferences, and Firefox Accounts
(see https://wiki.mozilla.org/Mobile/Roadmap#Firefox_30:_.28Beta.29 ).

Please remember that sign offs are a critical piece to the cycle and mean
that you approve and can vouch for the work you're submitting for shipment.

This is a reasonably small cycle. If you have fallen behind (apprx 41%
have), this would be a good cycle to catch up.

Last cycle (3 February - 17 March)

Noteworthy accomplishments:
    - 59% of all locales shipped Firefox 26 on desktop updates on time.
Congratulations to everyone who signed off and shipped this last cycle!
This is an 11% decrease in locale coverage between Firefox 27 and Firefox
    - Estonian launched in Firefox for Android with Firefox 28. If your
locale is ready for shipping and part of Android's list of supported
locales, please reach out to me to add you to the roadmap. Please join me
in congratulating the team and sharing in your networks!

Thank you to everyone for all of your dedication and hard work this last
sprint. As always, if you note anything missing in these reports, please
let me know.

*Jeff Beatty*
Localization Engineer
@mozilla_l10n <http://twitter.com/mozilla_l10n>
dev-l10n mailing list
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