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Data: 10/02/2014 13.50
Assumpte: 1st round of l10n testing for FirefoxOS completed
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The first half of the v1.3 localization run has been completed on Friday
(07/02) by QAnalyst testers and Mozilla community members. 2nd Round of
QAnalyst testing will be from Feb.20 to Feb.26. (note that community
testing is ongoing and will continue until the end of the 2nd round of

QAnalyst testing was performed on Buri device, using the latest 1.3 Moz
RIL. Community testing was performed on latest Keon v1.3 builds. There is a
total of 577 test cases for this Localization Run.

Link to Localization Run:

Locales covered during this first round: bit.ly/1cnBT1Q. Testing coverage
is at 54.57%

Localization Status
* v1.3 l10n dashboard:
* Croatian, Romanian and Macedonian still need to catch up with translation
work. There has not been much traction from these communities, although we
have reached out to them. Other locales are on track

l10n testing
* List of bugs identified: mzl.la/LBCMNb (226 bugs in total as of now)

* List of truncation/text overlap issues:
Total: 121 bugs. This means 121 bugs out of the 226 identified are
truncation/text overlap issues

* List of 1.3? 1.3+: http://tinyurl.com/ppvpr52
Total of 5 bugs:
    * 968963 [Bengali]E.Me installed app suggestions display in English.
    * 968998 [All Locales]E.Me Smart Collection list is displayed in
english. (New)
    * 967708 [Settings] German: "Change PIN" doesn't use localization
(Resolved Fixed)
    * 967857 [Gaia][Keyboard] Bengali: The Probhat keyboard for the Bengali
language includes symbols that do not fit in the keyboard button. (Resolved
    * 969193 [Cost Control] The string "OK" is not translated when
launching cost control with a locked SIM (Verified fixed)

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