[Mozilla] Fwd: [l10n-web] [Australis] new promo strings for home page tile and tabzilla

Eduard Gamonal egamonal a softcatala.cat
dic abr 23 09:51:57 CEST 2014

en pascal ens envia unes captures de com quedaran les cadenes que estem
traduint per la web

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Date: Tue, Apr 15, 2014 at 10:15 PM
Subject: [l10n-web] [Australis] new promo strings for home page tile and
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I just added the strings for the home page promo and the Tabzilla promo we
will display at Australis launch.

We have the strings but the promos are not coded yet, here are mockups of
how they will be used on the home page:

6 strings in total. Two of them in tabzilla are identical to the home page
but given the short space there, you may have to shorten your translation
just for tabzilla.


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