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BrowserID BigTent is a ProxyIdP service for bridging major IdPs (e.g.
yahoo) who lack support for the BrowserID protocol:

We're launching it soon, so we'd like to ask existing BrowserID
localization teams to also provide translations for BrowserID BigTent.

New strings are already available in Verbatim & SVN:

There are only 8 strings to translate, but we need your translations by
Monday, January 7th 5:00 PM UTC. The most important string is "Loading", so
please try to translate at least this one in time.

If you're using Verbatim, please don't forget to commit your changes to VCS
under the Review tab. After that, you'll be able to test your translations
on our l10n preview environment:

You'll need to enter a yahoo.com email address, which will put you into
"BigTent" flow.

The strings do not show up in the main Persona dialog. They are severed
from a completely different domain name. E.g. login.persona.org versus

This system won't be on a train. It will only see occasional deployments
for bug fixes and adding a new IdP (gmail or hotmail). We don't expect many
new strings.

Shall you have any questions, I'm happy to help.

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