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reenvio aquest missatge.
Aprofito per recordar que existeix el lloc web https://mozillians.org/ per
a tots aquells contribuïdors que vulguin apuntar-s'hi.


P.D.: Si heu col·laborat d'una forma o una altra en el projecte Mozilla, la
resta de companys que ja som al servei us podem donar l'aprovació.
P.D.2: El lloc web ara mateix està mig traduït, les cadenes són a:

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From: Michael Hoye <mhoye a mozilla.com>
Date: 2013/4/3
Subject: The announcement of the 2013 Mozilla Summit
To: dev-planning a lists.mozilla.org

Hi, everyone. Mike Hoye here, and I need your help.

On Monday the announcement for the 2013 Mozilla Summit was sent out to
those members of the community who have a "vouched" account on the
Mozillians site.

I'm certain that a lot of important contributors to the Mozilla project
aren't in that group; I'm asking for your help to make sure that the entire
Mozilla community gets this information, and nobody is overlooked.

I don't know who to send it on to; I'm hoping you do.

The process for registering for the summit is below. If you or anyone you
pass this information on to has problems registering or if the process
presents any other barriers to community members' participation, please let
me know directly, and soon.

Thank you,

- mhoye


Hello Mozillians,

As you may or may not have heard, we have just announced the dates for the
2013 Mozilla Summit - October 4th - 6th in three cities :

Paris, France
San Francisco / Bay Area, California
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

To be considered for an invitation, we need to know if you are interested
and available to attend by April 10th, 2013 .

Before you decide, take a look at Mitchell’s blog post about the Summit
here https://blog.lizardwrangler.com/2013/03/31/mozilla-summit/ and my post
about it here
Our wiki page here
https://wiki.mozilla.org/Summit2013 .

If you receive and accept an invitation, which will be sent by the first
week in May, Mozilla will arrange and pay for your travel and
accommodations (details to come). April 10th, 2013 is a firm deadline so
please do your very best to let us know by then. If we don’t hear from you,
we will assume you are not available to attend.

Here’s how. You must do both of these things by April 10th to be considered
for an invitation to the Mozilla Summit 2013:

Add your home country (where you’ll travel from) to your profile if you
haven't already: https://mozillians.org/user/edit/
View the Summit 2013 group and click the 'Join Group' button if you are
interested and available to attend the Summit:

We will let you know if you’ll be invited, via email, by the first week in
May. We have a small working group figuring out who will go to which
location and will share those details as well by that date.

Official registration details will come by June 30th, 2013 .

Thank you all,

Mardi Douglass
Internal Communications @ Mozilla
IRC #summit2013

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