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Hello Folks,

unfortunately the number of locales for Lightning 1.5 is not very high this
time. I must admit this time I didn't inform you via email mostly due to
being on vacation for some time.

This is the list of locales that are part of Lightning 1.5. If you see your
locale in this list, you are fine:

cs, de, en-GB, es-AR, es-ES, et, fr, ja, ja-JP-mac, ko, nb-NO, pl, sk, sl,
sq, zh-TW

For those of you who didn't get in, I'm sorry about that (especially sorry
for uk and eu, but the sign-off was a bit too late). If I get feedback from
enough locales not in this list, then I can consider creating an 1.5.1
release with more locales.

For the future, Lightning follow the Thunderbird and Firefox release
schedule and I have to upload the builds to addons.mozilla.org a week
before. I have attached a calendar file with the l10n deadline for
Lightning, please consider adding this to your calendar.

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