[Mozilla] Fwd: [l10n-web] Persona: deadline for the next release is Tuesday, July 17 5:00 PM UTC

Eduard Gamonal egamonal a softcatala.cat
dic jul 11 21:29:05 CEST 2012

La propera versió és per abans del dia 17.
Com sempre, les col·laboracions són benvingudes :)

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From: Matjaz Horvat >
Date: Sat, Jul 7, 2012 at 3:34 PM
Subject: [l10n-web] Persona: deadline for the next release is Tuesday,
July 17 5:00 PM UTC


The last train (train-2012.06.22) scheduled for a release last Wednesday
will be released on Monday, July 9 (due to holidays in North America). It's
bringing Persona rebrand, including new urls.

The next Persona release (train-2012.07.06) is scheduled for Wednesday,
July 18, so we'd like to kindly ask you to finish your work by Tuesday,
July 17 5:00 PM UTC. New strings are already available in Verbatim & SVN.
For now, we're keeping the old (browserid) URLs in both, Verbatim and SVN.

This train, unlike its predecessor, is focused on UI refinement and
stability fixes, rather than new features. Every user facing phrase has
been reviewed, so there are 24 new and 30 fuzzy strings.

There are still some open issues with strings in the current train, but not
of them is critical. Please have a look here:

If you're using Verbatim, please don't forget to commit your changes to VCS
under the Review tab. After that, you'll be able to test your translations
on our preview environment:

Shall you have any questions, I'm happy to help.


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