[Mozilla] Fwd: BrowserID localization

Toni Hermoso Pulido toniher a softcatala.cat
div gen 27 23:28:41 CET 2012

Hola gent,

ja tenim el BrowserID per traduir:

-------- Missatge original --------


Mozilla is set to launch an innovative approach to identity over the coming
weeks and months. Users are currently insecure, because they use a separate
login for each site, but often use the same password. Systems such as
Facebook connect try to address this issue, but they leak private
information about visited sites back to Facebook.

You can read more about what is currently called BrowserID on
https://browserid.org/about. It is already implemented on some Mozilla
sites, e.g. MDN (https://developer.mozilla.org/).

In the first 24 hours after announcment on the mailing list, 24 locales
opted in for BrowserID localization. We are really happy to see more than
30 locales opting in so far, as we all believe identity on the internet is
extremely important.


This is the list of locales that have opted in on the mailing list and have
already been added to Verbatim:
- Afrikaans (af)
- Albanian (sq)
- Basque (eu)
- Catalan (ca)
- Chinese China (zh-CN)
- Chinese Taiwan (zh-TW)
- Croatian (hr)
- Czech (cs)
- Dutch (nl)
- Esperanto (eo)
- French (fr)
- Frisian (fy-NL)
- German (de)
- Galician (gl)
- Italian (it)
- Japanese (ja)
- Ligurian (lij)
- Lithuanian (lt)
- Malayalam (ml-IN)
- Polish (pl)
- Romanian (ro)
- Romansh (rm)
- Russian (ru)
- Scots Gaelic (gd)
- Serbian (sr)
- Slovak (sk)
- Slovenian (sl)
- Songhay (son)
- Spanish (es)
- Spanish Mexican (es-MX)
- Turkish (tr)

If you'd like to start localizing BrowserID, you can opt in by pinging me
(mathjazz) or Milos (Milos) on IRC or via email.


Don't ask. :-) BrowserID is on a weekly release process: one week of
development, one week of testing, then release. On the 1st of February they
are bringing their next release to testing and on the 8th of February to
production. They are already in string freeze period, which gives us 11
days to finish our work.


Alltogether BrowserID *only* contains 128 strings (727 words) and from one
release to another you shouldn't expect more than dozen of strings to


Stage server is available at http://beta.myfavoritebeer.org/ and
development server is at http://dev.myfavoritebeer.org/. Currently, they
are only available in en-US, but we will let you know soon when and on
which one of them you will be able to test your work.

Més informació sobre la llista de correu Mozilla