[Mozilla] revisió del BrowserID en producció

Eduard Gamonal egamonal a softcatala.cat
dij feb 16 14:30:28 CET 2012

En Matjaz diu que ja està tot en producció i dóna uns enllaços perquè
comprovem que està tot bé

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From: Matjaz Horvat
Date: Thu, Feb 16, 2012 at 8:59 AM
Subject: Re: BrowserID: deadline moved to Feb 15 noon PST
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We are live since around 3 PM (PST)!

In production are available all locales that have made it to 100% plus
Russian and Albanian which were very close:
"ca", "cs", "da", "de", "el", "en-US", "es", "et", "eu", "fi", "fr", "fy",
"ga", "hr", "it", "lij", "nl", "pa", "pl", "ru", "sk", "sl", "sq", "sr",
"sv", "tr", "zh-CN", "zh-TW"

This is 28 locales altogether, which is the same as Firefox 1.0 was
released in. Congratulations to everyone, you rock! If you didn't make it
in time, don't worry, we're releasing a new version in two weeks. Stay
tuned for more information soon.

You can check your translations on any site that supports BrowserID, e.g.:

Shall you have any questions, please let me know.


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