[Mozilla] Fwd: [ANNOUNCE] Search Plugins landed for Thunderbird and the associated policy

Toni Hermoso Pulido toniher a softcatala.cat
dic nov 30 11:41:05 CET 2011

Caldria tenir això pel Thunderbird.
Caldria obrir uns bugs abans de fer-hi commit.

La cosa sembla una mica perduda:
però cal tenir-ho present...


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Date: 2011/11/9
Subject: [ANNOUNCE] Search Plugins landed for Thunderbird and the
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As you will have most likely have seen, we've just landed the
capability to search the web (this had been codenamed OpenSearch)
directly within Thunderbird. This is now on the Aurora channel.

*The important part*

Just like Firefox, we are going to require that you file a bug [1]
with your proposed changes/additions and put them up for review
(currently from myself).

You'll need review for any changes in the mail/searchplugins and to

Sign-off requests which include unreviewed changes may be rejected.

This is so we can ensure consistency and that we have the right
parameters for Thunderbird.

Please be patient with the first round of requests - we are still
getting this set up - we will get to all of them as soon as we can and
before the end of the cycle. However, if you have concerns/issues,
please feel free to raise them.

The detailed policy

I'm currently writing this up, I apologise for not having found time
to write and communicate it earlier. For guidance as to what to add,
follow the Firefox policy for now:


To test:
Once you've got a build with it, you can access it by selecting some
text in an email, right-clicking and selecting "Search the web for".
You can also access it from the global search box in the toolbar by
typing some text, and explicitly selecting the option.


[1] https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/enter_bug.cgi?bug_severity=normal&bug_status=NEW&cc=mbanner%40mozilla.com&form_name=enter_bug&keywords=productization&product=Mozilla%20Localizations&short_desc=%5Bab-CD%5D%20Search%20Engine%20modification%20for%20Thunderbird
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