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Com traduïm affiliate als banners? Hem dit "uniu-vos" i en algunes ocasions
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Hello everyone,

As the subject has it, we are adding Firefox Aurora buttons as one of the
options in the Affiliates Program for our users to translate and use them
to promote Firefox Aurora builds. Please note that these are related only
to Desktop builds, and we're going to let you know once we go with Mobile,

So, our priorities are all locales that already have their localization on
our production website, being, in no particular order :) :

Dutch(nl), German(de), French(fr), Spanish(es), Brasilian Portugese(pt-BR),
Frysian(fy-NL), Polish(pl), Czech(cs), Slovenian(sl), Albanian(sq),
Chinese(zh-TW) and Russian(ru).

We have put the English(en-US) at:


So, as always, don't edit the content, but copy it below the existing
content, translate and fill in your data.

One not so minor thing: We're pretty tight on the schedule, so in the
perfect world, we can translate everything by Monday, have them sent to our
super splendid Creative team(yay for Tara and Rhonda), and get them on
production by Wednesday/Thursday.

And, as always, if I can help somehow with this, please do let me know, as
I'd love to help. I can be found roaming irc.mozilla.org, or email/skype,
all for your convenience ;)

Have a great weekend folks!
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