[Mozilla] tenim 7 dies més per traduir mark gl

Eduard Gamonal xadap2004 a gmail.com
dis maig 7 11:38:56 CEST 2011

Recordeu que si teniu temps estaria molt bé fer-hi un cop d'ull. De
moment vaig traduint jo, però caldria revisar-ho.



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Date: 2011/5/7
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Staś Małolepszy, Fri Apr 29 00:34:26 +0200 2011:
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A quick update:

1. After QA testing we added a few new strings.  I've updated the files
  in Verbatim.  Please have a look and remember to commit.

2. To accomodate for this late addition, the due date is now May 16th.
  The launch is planned for May 17th.

    New due date: May 16th
    New launch date: May 17th

3. Remember to 'commit to VCS' from Verbatim :)

Have a good weekend!
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