[GNOME] String freeze del gimp

Joaquim Perez noguer a gmail.com
dim jul 22 20:11:57 CEST 2008

Necessitaria que algú amb permisos de commit al CVS de gnome m'acabés de
corregir i pujar els fitxers del gimp que vaig enviar




we are closing in to a GIMP 2.6 release. There are still some open bug
reports and we will still need to add some strings and perhaps also
change a few. But we will try to avoid larger string changes from now
on. I will send another announcement when we enter strict string freeze.
But that will be pretty close to the 2.6.0 release. So if you want your
language to be well supported in the early 2.6 releases, now is a good
time to start working on trunk.

Please note that the gimp source tree has multiple message catalogs. You
will find them in the po, po-libgimp, po-plug-ins, po-python,
po-script-fu and po-tips directories.

If you find spelling or grammar errors in the english messages, please
let us know about them so that we can fix them early. We would also like
to know about problems with plural forms or if messages are lacking
context to be translated correctly.

It's a pleasure to see GIMP translated to so many languages. Thanks a
lot for the work you are doing.

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