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> Well, I saw this question coming. What we currently have around is this
> preview remix for F10. We didn't include all the locals, since they don't
> just fit all on a CD.
> So we're currently just having English and Sinhala language support around.
> Why the latter one? Because Danishka from our SIG will be running a user
> group test and needed therefore those packages. We just didn't want to
> create to almost equal images.
> I'm not sure, what the future will bring: I'd still like to get all the
> locales on the spin, but this would maybe go beyond the scope. We should
> probably figure out something concerning this topic, also because language
> support might be quite important in educational questions.

Absolutely. Currently Fedora is not handling this very well, however a
possible solution would be to have multiple spins by regions (EMEA
region, Americas region, Asia-pacific region, Africa region) as some
companies do with their products. Also, a DVD with all the languages
should be considered, since I believe that for most regions having a
DVD-ROM is quite common.

> For now, the plan was just to have English locales on the CD and to allow
> and guide people to create language-specific respins, but I'll double-check
> the size of the locals. It's justthat we normally need to include either all
> or none of the locals.

Keep us informed! :)

> Thanks!
> --Sebastian
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