[Fedora] Outdated pot file for system-confg-securitylevel

Xavier Conde Rueda xavi.conde a gmail.com
dll maig 7 00:12:27 CEST 2007


I just wanted to notice that system-config-securitylevel.pot is also
outdated. Please see the up-to-date POT I created when removing de POT
file and make-ing the package.

However, the POT file doesn't include the .desktop.in entry to be
localizable, so the resulting .desktop is plain english only.

Hope this helps.

P.D. What about removing all the POT files and rebuilding all the
applications in order to see if there are also other outdated POTs?
With three days only, we can hopefully fix those remaining strings.

Google talk/Jabber: xavi.conde a gmail.com
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